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Platinum AX

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* [[Media:CS-PlatinumAX.pdf|Download feature sheet PDF]]
== Description ==
Front and center on the Platinum AX™ is a color touch screen presenting intuitive customizable menus. Initial setup screens clearly guide you with questions about your traditions, ringing preferences and schedule
The Platinum AX ™ features our completely remastered high definition Chime Master HD-Bells™. Choose your bell voice from twenty-five meticulously sampled authentic bell instruments including several chimes
and carillons cast by European and historic American foundries.
Powerful front facing speakers provide inside ringing and practice sound when you play or record the bells using a connected keyboard. Combined with a Chime Master inSpire outdoor audio system with full-range
speakers, the reproduction of authentic cast bronze bells is often mistaken for a tower of real bells.
An expansive library of selections includes thousands of hymns in various arrangements and multiple customizable ringing functions. You may expand your collection by personally recording or importing
thousands more.
Control your bells remotely from anywhere with Chime Master’s exclusive Chime Center™. This portal seamlessly integrates online management and remote control. Online tools facilitate schedule changes, backup of recordings and settings, as well as automatic updates as soon as they are available!
== Features ==
* Solid cherry face
* Easy remote control with tablet or phone
** Scan onscreen QR with your device for instant remote app installation
* One-year subscription to premium [[Chime Center]]™
* Beautiful and expansive library of hymns and music
* Media file compatibility
* Super-capacitor clock backup never needs replacing
* Automatic daylight time correction
== Specification ==

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