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Platinum AX

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* One-year subscription to premium [[Chime Center]]™
* Beautiful and expansive library of hymns and music
** recorded and produced by experienced church musicians
** as many as five arrangements of each tune
** arrangement styles can be assigned to different bell instruments
** enable arrangement styles to create your unique presence in the community
* Enhanced SmartAlmanac™
** Follows the almanac calendar and plays music appropriate to the season automatically
* HD Bells™ instruments
** Four cast bronze carillon instruments
** Two harp bell accompaniment instruments
** Three chime instruments
*** Plus chime subsets of the four carillons
** Ten tolling bell instruments
*** for clock striking, funeral tolls as well as simple music arrangements
** Four swinging bell instruments
* Flexible clock ringing
** keep time with customizable hour striking
** options for quarter hours
** twelve built-in clock chime melodies
** create your own unique clock chime melody
* Liturgical ringing
** Hundreds of Peals, Tolls, Swinging, and Angelus bells to meet your congregation’s needs for Weddings, Funerals, Worship, Mass and Prayer.
* Media file compatibility
* Super-capacitor clock backup never needs replacing
== Specification ==

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