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Glossary AX

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;Guided Setup
: a guided process to program initial settings Initial setup screens clearly guide you with questions about your traditions, ringing preferences and a simple weekly scheduleneeds. This is presented first in any empty AX carillonIf the system has not been pre-programmed at the factory, this guided setup will be displayed. Further customization is available once these initial options are You can skip it and set. Throughout this menu, up the system using the menus or go through the default selection is setup procedure and use other menus to fine tune the most common choiceresults. You can access Quick Setup anytime may return to change clear all your settings at once but individual changes should be made in their own specific menusand begin anew by accessing Guided Setup again on the Settings menu.: If you would like to schedule music to play regularly throughout On each page of the weekguided setup, you can choose Almanac Selected Music so you don't hear the same repeating songs. Choosing Almanac Selected Music means that on default selection is the date and time you most common choice our customers have historically chosen, random yet seasonally appropriate music will play so you can take advantage of our expansive libraryfor the selected worship tradition.
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