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Glossary AX

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: When you plug the Platinum AX into a power source, it will automatically turn on.
: The power button serves as a status light (see table below) and a functional button. While the AX system is on, one tap will dim or brighten the screen. Some devices read the QR code better from a dimmed screen. A double tap will function just like the on screen stop button, without having to log in to the system. Stop will gently ending end all music scheduled playing at this time. It will briefly display a red light, to acknowledge that the command was accepted, then return to gold.
: To initiate the shutdown process, push and hold the power button until it turns red. (While the light is flashing lavender, one click will turn the button back to gold, cancel the shutdown process and return to the previous screen.) When it is safe to unplug the system, the light will be solid blue. Like a computer, this process is required for proper functionality. Unplugging the AX system without shutting down is not recommended; errors may occur.

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