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Glossary AX

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: The Platinum AX includes refined recordings of over 15 styles of many carillons, chimes, harps & and tolling bells, founded in, and named for, locations all around the world. : Additionally, the Platinum AX includes audio files recorded by professional musicians on bugle and bagpipe.
;Lock Screen
: This line of Chime Master® carillons offers the same easy functionality and superb sound quality as the Platinum but with a few less options and a lower cost. It will soon be added to our Advanced eXperience platform.
: Tapping the blue ''Next'' button will end whatever is playing and skip to the next title if there is something else scheduled to item in the play at the current timequeue.
: Any bell will remain in motion for a little bit after it is swung. Expect some time for the bells to decay naturally before the next event. The next function will never end anything abruptly.

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