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Sound Packages

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inSpire™ Performance 2500
* inSpire Performance 1600
** Qty 1 [[InSpire_Amplifier#inSpire_1600|inSpire DSP 1600W]] Amplifier
** Low-Z requires two pairs of wire to the tower
** Each speaker connected to a dual bridged 70V 800W output
** Allows individual level control to two directions
** Qty 1 [[InSpire_Amplifier#inSpire_2500|inSpire DSP 2500W]] Amplifier
** All four tower speakers paralleled to a single pair wires run a '''short''' distance
** All four paralleled to single 2-Ohm 1875W output(three paralleled output channels)** Inside speaker output D for up to 8625W 70V (multi-Ohm 625Wdrop for inside speakers with individual power settings)
* Audio cable kit
** Cables between carillon and amplifier for audio and control signals
* Qty 4 [[inSpire Twelve]] full-range horn speakers
Local electrician required to install single short distance (Performance 2500) or dual (see options abovePerformance 1600) pair of AWG 12 THHN in conduit from system location to the tower or steeple junction boxes. Additionally optional inside wiring to optional inside speaker location(s) (Performance 2500). This system is not available for rooftop mounting.
=== '''inSpire™''' Ascent ===

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