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Operate AX products

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Thank you for purchasing your new Chime Master Platinum Advanced eXperience™ virtual bell instrument! As our newest product line, this manual is subject to change as features are enhanced and released. Check back often for updates.
Use the search feature (Ctrl-F) to quickly find exactly what you're looking for. If you prefer, any or all of this document may be printed by clicking "Printable version" under tools, near the top of the left column. Please visit the [[Glossary_AX|AX Products Glossary]] to learn more about the Advanced eXperience from Chime Master! == Getting started == * [[Connections_AX|Making connections]]* Quick start sheet [[Media:File:AX-QuickStartGuide.pdf|PDF download]] === Front screen menus panel controls === ==== Lighted power button ====If When power is restored to the touch screen backlight has timed outsystem, click it will power on after a delay to test the line voltage. The power light to will blink green while the system is initializing. It will turn it solid gold when the system is ready. There are three gestures you can make on the button. ;Click: wakes up the backlight for the touch screen and set adjusts the brightness;Double-click: cancels any concert or ringing in progress (light momentarily turns red);Press and hold for 1 second: cancels concerts and waits to be sure you want to initiate Shut Down (light turns red, then blinks violet). The lock : If the button is not clicked within 3 seconds Shut down will begin (light blinks blue).: Wait until the button is solid blue before disconnecting AC power.; Clicking when the button is solid blue will restart the system. ==== Touch screen features ==== * A single, light tap with your finger or the soft end of the supplied stylus is all that is required. Pressing on the display or using a large clock displaypointed object '''will''' cause damage. Tap * After several minutes of inactivity, it is normal for the clock screen to dim, lock and even go completely dark to bring up save power. As long as the login screenstatus light is gold, scheduled events will play normally.
AX Screen Each screen menu hierarchywill have a toolbar at the top for navigation, speaker control and status. Usage details are on the the Home screen page below.File:AXUX-Toolbar.png]]
== Front screen menus ==
* [[Login screen AX|Login]]
** Home

Navigation menu