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Platinum AX

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=== Music library ===
Our expansive musical library has been performed by experienced and inspired church musicians. Each song is available in up to five styles of arrangements:
* Monophonic - melody only - suitable for any instrument, even the louder tolling bellsbell instruments* Simple - a few harmony notes with the melody - can be played on any chime or carillon voiceinstrument* Three-Octave - artistically arranged for any carillon voiceinstrument
* FIve-Octave - embellished carillon arrangements with deep tones and soaring arpeggios
* Two-Part - melody on chime or carillon accompanied by a harp instrument
The library can be expanded using a MIDI keyboard or compatible organ to add your own custom recordings.
=== HD-Bells™ Instrumentation ===
A variety of the most realistic bell instruments allow you to have a distinctive voice in your community.
* All musical voices bell instruments can be played from the keyboard.
* Select preferred arrangements and instruments for almanac selected music.
* Cast bronze bells from different regions have distinctive timbres resulting from different foundry profile patterns.
=== Physical ===
* Handsome cabinet for tabletop use
* Available rack mounting brackets

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