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Church Bell Remote

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Setup the phone or tablet
# If you have problems connecting, try rebooting the host PC, your phone, and your WiFi access point if you made any changes to it.
# Ensure that Management Suite is started and running as an Administrator on the Host Computer. If you are unsure if Management Suite is running as an administrator, close Management Suite and restart by right clicking on the Management Suite icon and selecting “Run as Administrator.”# Ensure that the area you are using the Church Bell Remote app has adequate Wi-Fi WiFi coverage. Weak or borderline connections will not work well with the remote app. Test this by moving around your Wi-Fi WiFi network and testing from multiple areas.# Ensure that the IP Address and Port shown in the Administrator menu of the Management Suite matches the IP Address and Port shown under Settings>Host in the Church Bell Remote app.
# Review other possible issues below if you cannot connect.
# Look up [[Church_Bell_Remote#Error_Messages|error messages]] that you receive on the mobile app.

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