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Connect carillon to PA

No change in size, 20 February
Distant Unbalanced Line Input
Plug the [ quarter inch to quarter inch cable] from the PA output of the Chime Master to a [ Hosa MIT-129] (or similar Radio Shack 274-017) transformer adapter, and plug the female XLR plug from the balanced cable into the output of the adapter. The other end of the balanced cable has a male XLR plug that goes into a [ Hosa MIT-435] (Radio Shack 274-016) that has a male quarter inch plug on it. Plug the MIT-435 into the quarter inch jack on the PA. For a PA with an RCA input, use [ Hosa GPR-104] adapter with a female quarter inch jack to a male RCA plug.
Note that these adapters do not attenuate the line level signal enough to feed a microphone input. These adapters are available For for around $20 each.
Parts can be obtained at a local music store or online from

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