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Lightning damage to electronic systems

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Bell ringing equipment damage usually comes in on the AC power line. Our current products rarely suffer lightning damage of this type, except for an occasional blown fuse. Other voltage spikes electromagnetically coupled into the speaker line typically go no farther than the amplifier and the speaker drivers themselves. Speaker wiring should be routed on the opposite corner of the tower from the lightning and structural ground conductors. Long parallel wire runs essentially become a large transformer that can couple damaging spike currents from one to the other.
Bells hung on improperly grounded frames can receive high static charges that can dissipate through the electric ground wires. The purpose of electrical grounding conductors are to prevent shock hazards and they should never be carriers of high potential atmospheric charges. The spikes they carry to the electrical system can cause damage beyond the ringing equipment into sensitive (and expensive) IT, phones and other musical instruments.
== Minimizing risk ==

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