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Lightning damage to electronic systems

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== Risk ==
Lightning is responsible for over a billion dollars in property damage every year, according to Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Lightning risk is a function of the area of a structure, the height and the number of strikes per year per square mile for the region. Churches are usually the tallest structure in a given area. In addition, a church may also have a bell tower or tall spire that can double the structure's height. The This has given rise to the adage, "[ Churches attract more lightning than sinners]."
Lightning damage is uncommon to Chime Master installations, but it can occur to any electronic device. We suggest that you unplug all electronic products during storms, especially if you are concerned about it or if you live in an area with frequent and/or severe electrical storms. As with any valuable equipment purchase, you should review your insurance policy to be sure that your bell ringing equipment is covered for fire, theft, vandalism or damage due to electrical storms.

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