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Sound Packages

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Local electrician required to install two pair of AWG 12 THHN in conduit from system location to the tower or steeple junction boxes. Optional bracketing may be needed to mount speakers on roof (not a typical location for this system).
=== '''inSpire™''' Outreach ===
* Qty 1 [[InSpire_Amplifier|inSpire DSP 1600W]] Amplifier
** Custom engineered for each installation (tower survey not included)
*** Voicing for speaker combination below
*** Speaker protection programming
* Qty 4 [[Premium_long-throw_horn_specification|Premium long-throw horns]]
** Qty 4 Premium horn drivers
* Installation kit (does not include optional roof peak speaker bracket)
** Qty 1 Junction box and cover
** Qty 4 SJTO driver
** Qty 4 Driver wiring pigtails with fork terminals attached
** Brass set-screw wire nut kit
** Screw Driver
* 250 feet AWG 14-2 SJTO wire
=== Community Outreach ===

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