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== Preliminary checks ==
You can generally get a system to play music for testing by pressing button 4 then the green Enter button.
* Determine if the inside speakers work.
** Newer systems have monitor speakers and level controls on the carillon module. This will not check connections or devices other than the carillon unit itself.
** Older systems have monitor speakers and level controls on the amplifier module. Sound from the inside speaker generally indicates that the amplifier is operating correctly and connections between the amplifier and carillon modules are good. Make sure the Tower switch is turned on if there is one.
* Double check all connections
** Amplifier power cord
** Audio cable between the amplifier and carillon modules
** Outside speaker cable to amplifier output terminals
== Testing amplifier ==
* Be sure that the amplifier is getting turned on completely by the system.
** Unplug the amplifier's power cord from the switched outlet on the rear of the carillon module and plug it directly into a live wall outlet and re-test.
* Check the amplifier passes input signals to the output
** Unplug the amplifier's input signal cable from the output jack of the carillon module. While the amplifier is powered on, tap the tip of the plug on the end of the cable and listen carefully to inside and outside speakers for a buzzing sound when your finger is on the tip of the plug (helpers with good hearing may be needed).
** Disconnect the outside speaker cable and temporarily connect a spare speaker to the amplifier output. Recheck using both the carillon outputs and/or tapping the input cable again.
==Testing Speakers==

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