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#Hold the Windows key and press R. In the run command field type
#In the right pane of Task Scheduler, click ''Create Task''#On the General tab, provide the task name '''mgmtsuite ''' (do not use spaces in the name). At the bottom of this tab, check ''Run with highest privileges''<br/>OPTIONAL#Optional: if you want the Management Suite to start when the PC boots, select the Triggers tab. Click the [''New...] '' button and select ''At log on '' #On the Actions tab, click the [''New...] '' button, select Start a program and [Browse] to the Management Suite icon on the desktop, or find the program in the Program Files folder. It will be in the Program Files (x86) directory in on 64 bit operating systems. Click ''OK''.
#On the Conditions tab, uncheck the power options if you ever need to run the Management Suite on battery power.
#Close the Task Scheduler
#Right click the desktop icon and select ''Properties'', then edit the Target to:
schtasks.exe /Run /TN mgmtsuite

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