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Playlist empty error message

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== Causes ==
=== No selections in the current random season Good Friday and Holy Saturday === 
If the random group number is 3 (sacred music) and this is Good Friday or Holy Saturday, and the Seasonal Option for ''OFF Good Fri/Sat'' is set to ''Yes'' then this is normal operation to inhibit music on those days.
=== Random Group 9 ===
If the random group number is 9 (user customizable list), then there are no selections in the list for the current SmartAlmanac season.
Use the Management Suite's [[Music_librarian_MS|Music Librarian]] on a Windows PC to add selections to the current almanac season. If you wish to use the same selections as ordinary time, copy the selections from the ''Nonseasonal'' list to the current season. Save the file and upload the list to the carillon.
=== Corrupted playlist memory None of the above ===
You can reset the playlist memory without clearing any other settings. Go to the Seasonal Options menu, change any season option from NO, then back to YES (or what it was before), press the left cursor button to make a quick exit, then press the green Enter button.

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