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Seasonal options setup menu

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== Troubleshooting ==
If when trying to play a random hymn, the display says the seasonal list is empty, check the following. === Good Friday and Holy Saturday ===This is normal operation for Holy Week's Friday and Saturday if the Seasonal Option for '''OFF Good Fri/Sat''' is set to Yes. === Random Group 9 ===Is the random selection from Random Group 9? This is a user preference random group. If no selections have been defined for the current season, no selections will be found. Random Group 9 is set up using issues on the [[Music_librarian_MSPlaylist_empty_error_message|Management Suite LibrarianPlaylist empty error page]] using a Windows PC. === None of the above ===Use the instructions above on this page to make edits to the Seasonal Options. Change something like turning Patriotic off then back on. The change should force a rebuilding of random groups. This may fix your problem.

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