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Peal configurations

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Bells comprising the first notes of a diatonic scale (Do Re Mi, or white keys), a pentatonic scale or a modal scale can remind the listener of a song as they randomly swing. A pentatonic chord can be made of any contiguous portion of the black keys on a piano keyboard. There are five such keys per octave, hence the penta prefix.Various groupings have come to have names attached to them that represent hymns or chants that use the intervals.<br>
<pre> (Diatonic scale - all eight bells make a basic 'chime')
1.2..4.5.6. (Major Pentatonic scale "Amazing Grace" Peal - can play whole tune by adding 6th bell for note 8)
1.2.3. (Pater Noster (Our Father) Diatonic three-bell peal)
3..5.6..8.9.10 (Pentatonic inverted to reduce bell weights)

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