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Practice keyboard bell samples

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For this to be possible, you should dedicate the computer for this purpose and not connect it to the internet after setup. Do not follow these procedures if you use the computer for other purposes.
Sforzando should be set up the way you want it, then from the Sforzando File menu, select Save as default. Every time Sforzando is started it will use this configuration.
=== Mac ===
==== Setup ====
From the Apple menu choose System Preferences and make the following changes
* Desktop and Screen Saver: Screen saver set to Start after Never.
** Select the user account and Login Items. Click the Plus Sign (add) button at the bottom of the window
*** Navigate to the Applications folder and select Sforzando
==== Usage ====
Press the button on the Mac to power it on. The software should load and be ready to play in under a minute.
Press the button again to safely shut down the Mac.
=== PC ===

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