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Practice keyboard bell samples

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=== Mac ===
Settings: From the Apple menu choose System Preferences and make the following changes
* Desktop and Screen Saver: Screen saver set to Start after Never.
* Disable software updates.
* Notifications: Set alert style to None for all notifications
* Energy Saver: Computer sleep set to Never. Check Start up automatically after a power failure (on newer versions, we'll have to press the button)
** If you practice every day at the same time, you can use the Schedule button to start and sleep on a schedule
* Users & Groups: Set Automatic login ON for the Standard User and enter the password
* App Store: Uncheck all checking, download and install options
* Users & Groups: Auto start Sforzando:** Select Login Options then Set Automatic login ON for the user account and enter the password* * Select the user account and Login Items. Click the Plus Sign (more add) button at the bottom of the window*** Navigate to come)the Applications folder and select Sforzando
=== PC ===

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