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Practice keyboard bell samples

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# If you have connected and configured your MIDI interface, Open sforzando preferences from the menu, select your MIDI input and audio output
# In sforzando's ''File'' menu, select save as and enter ''Practice Chicago''
== Advanced: Auto-boot headless operation ==
(under construction)
It would be nice to power on the computer, then power on the keyboard and in a few seconds be able to practice without fooling around on a screen with a mouse and keyboard. Using one of these methods, you should be able to set up your computer to make it so.
For this to be possible, you should dedicate the computer for this purpose and not connect it to the internet after setup. Do not follow these procedures if you use the computer for other purposes.
=== Mac ===
* Desktop and Screen Saver: Screen saver set to Start after Never.
* Disable software updates.
* Privacy and security: uncheck Disable automatic login.
* Notifications: Set alert style to None for all notifications
* Energy Saver: Computer sleep set to Never. Check Start up automatically after a power failure (on newer versions, we'll have to press the button)
** If you practice every day at the same time, you can use the Schedule button to start and sleep on a schedule
* Users & Groups: Set Automatic login ON for the Standard User and enter the password
* App Store: Uncheck all checking, download and install options
Auto start Sforzando:
* (more to come)
=== PC ===

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