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InSpire Amplifier

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Chime Master's '''inSpire™''' DSP amplifiers are required in systems that mix full range speaker systems with traditional narrow band long through horn speakers. Millennium and Platinum ''inSpire Edition'' carillons have an extended low frequency output that can damage conventional horn speakers unless they are filtered.
The inSpire amplifier is more than just an amplifier. It is also a capable and sophisticated loudspeaker processor. Integration of DSP and amplification means that the processor knows exactly what the amplifier is doing, allowing the dynamics processing and protection circuitry to be far more accurate and effective. This synergistic approach employs both RMS and Peak Limiters that provide the amplifier and loudspeaker combination to produce more output without being pushed to distortion or destruction.
The onboard DSP offers four channels of crossover filters, parametric EQ, alignment delay and dynamics processing - everything needed to optimize a loudspeaker and fine-tune an electronic carillon system. We have engineered the amplifier's programming using a combination of Filtering, Limiting and speaker processing that compensates for the non-linearities in speaker and horn design, resulting in exceptional performance.
== Value Added ==
DSP settings can be daunting, but we take care of all of that for you. We have already created a speaker voicing tuning library for all of the speakers speaker combinations for the inSpire systems we can provide.
Chime Master Audio Engineers take your tower survey and determine the best placement for each type of speaker specified. Calculation of the relative distances of each driver to a ground level listener's ear is accounted for with DSP time alignment. Then we equalize amplifier outputs to insure that the combination of speakers work together for outstanding bell ringing realism.
=== inSpire 2500 ===
* 500 Watts continuous per output into [[70V Line Speaker Wiring|'''70V ''' line]]
* 625 Watts continuous per output into 8 Ohm load
* 1250 Watts continuous per two bridged outputs into 8 Ohm load

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