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Libertas LX Specification

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[[File:2206LibertasWall.png|400px|thumb|left|2206 Libertas wall mounted church bell controller]]
== Description ==
* Call to Worship/Mass bells
* Festive Pealing Bells
* Swinging bell recordings with natural endingsbells*Prayer and [[Angelus]] Bells *DeProfundis*Funeral Tolls ** Timed tolling** Counted tolling up to 199
*Time striking
**with or without chime melodies
* Five Year Chime Care Warranty for electronic components
* ''Set it and forget it'' ease of use
* Nonvolatile memory and battery backup for clock
** Ensures ringing schedule recovery
** Tower clocks recover from power outages
* PIN code keypad access security
*Automatic Daylight time switching
*Management Suite ready - free ''lite'' download includes:
*** Customize remote functionality
**Annual and special event scheduling
* Standard CAT5 cable to tower
** Optional optical fiber interface to tower
** Optional wireless interface to tower
== Connections ==
* Data
** USB computer interface
** Tower accessory interface with standard CAT5 cabling
*** Supports Chime Master clock movements
** Radio remote control (eight-function proprietary serial interface)

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