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Keyboard volume is low

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solution 2
If exiting the record mode then re-entering restores the sound, this may be symptomatic of the keyboard that the carillon is connected to sending volume control messages. Many MIDI adapters on organs use the Swell Pedal to send the Chime Master volume control data. If you close the swell shades before disabling the bells with the MIDI stop, the system will remain at the low volume.
=== Solution 1 - Organ shut down procedure ===
Always open the swell shades before dis-engaging the Chime stop.
=== Solution 2 - Eliminate dynamics ===
Few organ MIDI interfaces provide dynamic output. In dual keyboard situations, you can maximize the Chime level so that it ignores the pedal position, but also the dedicated keyboard dynamics.
#Go to Setup Menu - [[Keyboard_sensitivity_setup_menu|Keyboard Sensitivity]] (Enter 3 Enter 6 Enter)
#Use the cursor controls to set the lower line parameters to Light:8 Heavy: 8
#Exit the setup menu (Enter)

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