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Practice keyboard bell samples

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Create lurie.sfz
# open the file and copy the wav files from it to a new folder named ''lurie.''
==== Create lurie.sfz sample map file ====
Open a text editor, then copy the code below and paste it into the editor.
//----------------------------------------------------------// Programmed by Rick White, May 23 2017// CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE// Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)// // For use with MIDI practice keyboards// // Works with Garratin Sample programs using ARIA engine or// Plogue Sforzando - freeware can be found at// <group> polyphony=48 // reduce for slow cpu/low memory loop_mode=one_shot // force sample to play in entirety ampeg_attack=0.005 // 5 ms de-click may be excessive ampeg_hold=1 // 1 sec hold ampeg_decay=1 // 1 sec decay ampeg_sustain=100 // to 100% - play same staccato or legato ampeg_release=100 // 100 sec release long <region> sample=LT_10_10_0.wav lokey=036 key=043 // keyboard G0 First AnnArbor bell // <region> sample= key=044 // missing Ab0 semitone <region> sample=LT_10_10_01.wav key=045 lokey=044 // fill missing Ab0 <region> sample=LT_10_10_02.wav key=046 // Bb0 <region> sample=LT_10_10_03.wav key=047 <region> sample=LT_10_10_04.wav key=048 // key C1 <region> sample=LT_10_10_05.wav key=049 <region> sample=LT_10_10_06.wav key=050 <region> sample=LT_10_10_07.wav key=051 <region> sample=LT_10_10_08.wav key=052 <region> sample=LT_10_10_09.wav key=053 <region> sample=LT_10_10_10.wav key=054 // <region> sample=LT_10_10_11.wav key=055 // rings late <region> sample=LT_10_10_12.wav key=056 lokey=055 <region> sample=LT_10_10_13.wav key=057 <region> sample=LT_10_10_14.wav key=058 <region> sample=LT_10_10_15.wav key=059 <region> sample=LT_10_10_16.wav key=060 // key C2 <region> sample=LT_10_10_17.wav key=061 <region> sample=LT_10_10_18.wav key=062 <region> sample=LT_10_10_19.wav key=063 <region> sample=LT_10_10_20.wav key=064 // <region> sample=LT_10_10_21.wav key=065 // distorted recording <region> sample=LT_10_10_22.wav key=066 lokey=065 <region> sample=LT_10_10_23.wav key=067 <region> sample=LT_10_10_24.wav key=068 <region> sample=LT_10_10_25.wav key=069 <region> sample=LT_10_10_26.wav key=070 <region> sample=LT_10_10_27.wav key=071 <region> sample=LT_10_10_28.wav key=072 // key C3 <region> sample=LT_10_10_29.wav key=073 <region> sample=LT_10_10_30.wav key=074 <region> sample=LT_10_10_31.wav key=075 <region> sample=LT_10_10_32.wav key=076 <region> sample=LT_10_10_33.wav key=077 <region> sample=LT_10_10_34.wav key=078 <region> sample=LT_10_10_35.wav key=079 <region> sample=LT_10_10_36.wav key=080 <region> sample=LT_10_10_37.wav key=081 <region> sample=LT_10_10_38.wav key=082 <region> sample=LT_10_10_39.wav key=083 <region> sample=LT_10_10_40.wav key=084 // key C4 <region> sample=LT_10_10_41.wav key=085 <region> sample=LT_10_10_42.wav key=086 <region> sample=LT_10_10_43.wav key=087 <region> sample=LT_10_10_44.wav key=088 <region> sample=LT_10_10_45.wav key=089 <region> sample=LT_10_10_46.wav key=090 <region> sample=LT_10_10_47.wav key=091 <region> sample=LT_10_10_48.wav key=092 <region> sample=LT_10_10_49.wav key=093 <region> sample=LT_10_10_50.wav key=094 <region> sample=LT_10_10_51.wav key=095 <region> sample=LT_10_10_52.wav key=096 // key C5 <region> sample=LT_10_10_53.wav key=097 <region> sample=LT_10_10_54.wav key=098 <region> sample=LT_10_10_55.wav key=099 <region> sample=LT_10_10_56.wav key=100 <region> sample=LT_10_10_57.wav key=101 <region> sample=LT_10_10_58.wav key=102 <region> sample=LT_10_10_59.wav key=103 hikey=127 // code coming soonkey G5

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