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Practice keyboard bell samples

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=== University of Michigan ===
The University of Michigan Bicentennial has made recordings of the 60-bell Ann & Robert H. Lurie Carillon at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor for free under CC BY 4.0 license. ==== Download Lurie samples ==== # Download the Lurie tower samples from the GoBlueBells blog## go to [ Lurie audio samples] of web page## right click the link labeled '''zip file''' and save it## open the 60-bell Ann & Robert HLurie_Carillon_samples_CC. Lurie Carillon at zip file and copy the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor for free under CC BY 4.0 licensewav files from it to a new folder named ''lurie.''
==== Create lurie.sfz ====
Open a text editor, then copy the code below and paste it into the editor.
// code coming soon
Save the file as ''lurie.sfz'' in the ''samples'' folder
==== Load the file into sforzando ====
# Start sforzando
# At the top left of the app, click ''INSTRUMENT'' and then ''Import'', navigate to luire.sfz and open it
# The bells should play when you click on the keys of the on screen keyboard
# If you have connected and configured your MIDI interface, Open sforzando preferences from the menu, select your MIDI input and audio output
# In sforzando's ''File'' menu, select save as and enter ''Practice Lurie''
=== GCNA Members Only Samples ===
Requires a [ '''GCNA''' Membership] to access the download pages below.
==== Downloads Download Chicago samples ====
# Download the Chicago samples from the GCNA members web page
## go to the [ Members area] of the GCNA website

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