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Reasons to choose Chime Master

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Our Reputation
=== Forward Thinking ===
More than change for change’s sake, we actively embrace improvements that support our end goals.
Our products are based on mature and stable platforms that are reliable and secure from the risks that plague most connected equipment. You can buy from us now, and when you are ready for new technology [[Reasons_to_choose_Chime_Master#No_carillon_left_behind_Exclusive_Upgrade_Warranty|you will be able to upgrade]] without losing your initial investment.
New products are developed with principled engineering disciplines that ensure quality bell ringing and client satisfaction for the long term.
=== Passionate ===
We care about people as much as we care about the quality of what we make. We’re passionate about bringing the two together for the best result.
We have been accredited with the [ Better Business Bureau] since 1995, with zero complaints and an A+ rating. Read See [[Chime_Master_references|what people say]] about us.
== Why buy a Chime Master? ==
==== Do you want to add your own recorded special music? You can! ====
All Chime Master [[Six-SS_carillon_specification|Six-SS ]] carillons now include an SD/MP3 card slot to allow you to drag and drop your special music or custom recordings for playback on your bell system. These files can be programmed to play manually or automatically. This feature is an option on [[Millennium_carillon_specification|Millennium ]] and [[Platinum_carillon_specification|Platinum carillon ]] models.
==== Do you want to capture the skill of your own musicians? You can! ====

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