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Music librarian MS

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<div style="font-size:84%">'''[[Chime_Master_Help|Help]] > [[Operating manuals]] > [[Using_Management_Suite|Management Suite]]'''</div>
This page explains '''Group Nine''' and how to customize it. It is scheduled or programmed to play by entering ''Grp9'' in a four digit selection field in the front panel menus (by pressing the up cursor button followed by 9) or the Management Suite screens (with a pull down selection field).
If you leave a season blank and do not disable that season in the carillon’s seasonal options or do not use another random group to schedule music, the carillon will not play any music at the scheduled time. If you wish to continue to play non-seasonal music for Group Nine during one or more of the other seasons, copy all of the selections from the non-seasonal list to the seasonal list. To do this, open the Non-Seasonal list, then click on the first selection number to select it and press [Ctrl-A] (select all) to select the entire list. Press [Ctrl-C] (copy) to copy the list of non-seasonal selections. Now select the season you wish to copy the music to, and press [Ctrl-V] (paste) to add the selections to this season.
<div style="font-size:84%">'''[[Chime_Master_Help|Help]] > [[Operating manuals]] > [[Using_Management_Suite|Management Suite]]'''</div>
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