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Operate Libertas 2209

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<div style="font-size:84%">'''[[Chime_Master_Help|Help]] > [[Operating manuals]] '''</div>
* Operating Manual [[Media:11580Libertas-2201v3.1.pdf|PDF download]]* Music and Bell ringing codes [[Media:11555Chime-MillenniumPlatinumControl-Music11604.pdf|PDF download]]
* Management Suite software manual [[Media:MS2200-5.0.pdf|PDF download]]
* [[Time strike/auto level setup menu|Time Strike/Auto Level]] ('''0''') globally sets time strike and volume level changes for blocks of time.
* [[Set system clock setup menu|Set System Clock]] ('''1''') makes adjustments to the system time and date. Also see [[Daylight Saving setup menu]] for instructions for changing the dates DST will change.
* [[Voicing preferences setup menu|Voicing Preferences]] ('''2''') let you select the bell voices used for factory recorded music arrangements, clock striking and [[Keyboard Voices|keyboard voicing]].* [[Edit remote button setup menu|Edit Remote Button]] ('''32''') is an editor for eight programmable buttons on the front panel that allow easy access to common functions. Any or all of these eight buttons can also appear on the Church Bell Remote Control app, and the first four can be activated from the mini hardware remote. Schedule these functions using [[Macro code reference|functional macro codes]] to simplify changes to automatic ringing styles.* [[Seasonal options setup menu|Seasonal Options]] ('''43''') makes changes to the SmartAlmanac features, enables Daylight Time adjustments, inside/outside speaker zoning options and musical style preferences.* [[Chime tuning setup menu|Chime Tuning]] ('''5''') allows the keyboard voices to be tuned to a pipe organ.* [[Keyboard sensitivity setup menu|Keyboard Sensitivity]] ('''64''') customizes the touch of the keyboard performance.* [[Keyboard size and MIDI setup menu|Keyboard Size/MIDI]] ('''75''') automatically sets the chimes to ring with any keyboard or organ manual (up to two manuals).* [[Swinging bell setup menu|Swinging Bell Timing]] ('''6''') set tempo for simulation or motor controls* [[Time strike melody setup menu|Time Strike Melody]] ('''87''') lets you select which melody (default is Westminster) will play for the time striking function.* [[Libertas miscellaneous setup menu|Misc Options]] ('''8''') tolling tempo and coasting time for swinging bells
* [[Security options setup menu|Security Options]] ('''9''') allows you to set a PIN number to unlock the front panel keypad to prevent unauthorized tampering.

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