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Security options setup menu

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Open the System Setup Menu by pressing the front panel green ''Enter'' button so that you read ''Main Menu'' on the top line of the display. Press the number ''3'' and the flashing lower line will read ''System Setup Menu'' then press the ''Enter'' button again. Press the number ''9'' and the flashing lower line will read ''Security Options'' then press the ''Enter'' button again.
== Setting the Passcode for the first time = If there is no password on your system... ===
Something similar to the following screen will appear.
New Password:
Type a 4 digit number you will remember. You can now lock your carillon.
==Changing the Passcode=If there is a password on your system already===If there is already a passcode password on your unit the following screen will appear (with the text in bold flashing).
Security Menu
'''Change Password'''
You will need to hit ==Changing the Password==From the Security Menu above, select ''Change Password'' (use cursor arrows, if it is not already there) and press '''Enter''' a second time upon opening the menu and enter  Enter the current pass codepassword, then enter the new pass codepassword.
==Turning the Auto-lock Feature on==

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