Advanced eXperience (AX) virtual bell instruments represent the leading edge of bell ringing technology. All Advanced eXperience™ instruments are made in Ohio by Chime Master.

All models include

Front Panel Touchscreen

Quickly access any feature you need with quick function buttons that you can customize with easily recognizable icons and colors. Create new buttons for special occasions. Set up your system and ringing schedules with simple screens. Organize your home menu with only the features you need.

Remote Control App

Simply tap the front touchscreen Remote button to view a QR code that you can scan with your smartphone. Doing so instantly installs the remote control app and authenticates your phone with your bell system. You can use this remote app to ring your bells with the same quick function buttons you set on your touchscreen.


Access your schedules and settings from your home or office with the Chime.Center management web portal. Available options include multiple user support where you can customize home screens for your staff on both the front panel touchscreen and their remote controls. Your system will regularly receive updates and upgrades.

SmartAlmanac AX

Chime Master’s unique set-it-and-forget-it SmartAlmanac provides appropriate music automatically with seasonal changes year after year. With the Advanced Experience features of Chime Center you can add seasons, change their starting and ending dates and select seasonal music. Preview or review selection play lists and make adjustments to the SmartAlmanac song by song.

Available AX Models


Compare Advanced eXperience models
Feature Bravo™ Millennium® Platinum™
  Bravo AX Specification Millennium AX Specification Platinum AX Specification
Storage 32GB 64GB 128GB
Front Panel speakers Single 3-watt Single 15-watt Dual 15-watt stereo
Chime.Center subscription included Free (upgradable) Free (upgradable) 1-Year Premium
Audio package requirements Value or Outreach1 inSpire™ or Outreach1 inSpire™
Balanced line outdoor speaker zones one one Two directional or stereo
Balanced line indoor PA outputs mono mono Stereo
MIDI keyboard/organ input Single manual Dual manual2
Keyboard recording and MIDI file loading YES YES
Audio file loading YES
High Definition
Bell voicing4
140 Bells
5 Voices
Largest bell 2,000 lb.
282 Bells
7 Voices
Largest bell 5,200 lb.
900+ Bells
23 Voices
Largest bell 40,000 lb.
Tolling bells 17 25 300 (10 foundry voices)
Swinging bells 17 20 90 (4 foundry voices)
Included liturgical ringing5 70+ 200+ 300+
Included musical selections (expandable) Hundreds Thousands Thousands
Selectable Music arrangements 3 4 5
Included clock chimes Westminster Westminster All available3
Customer recorded clock chimes Not MIDI capable5 YES YES
Audio recordings Bugle:Taps
Bagpipes:Amazing Grace
All available bugles and bagpipes All available bugles and bagpipes
Tower bell interface option YES YES
Outside clock interface option YES YES
1 - Bravo and Millennium can replace existing carillon systems with a working amplifier and speakers. Available tower output filtering protects horn loudspeakers that have been installed on many existing systems. All orders that do not include an inSpire audio package will ship with a protective high-pass filter engaged on the tower output. Built-in high-pass filtering is not provided on the Platinum AX.
2 - Platinum supports two full five octave keyboards for simultaneous Carillon and Harp performance and recording.
3 - As of this specification date, Platinum comes with 13 clock chiming melodies
4 - Music can be played on any included bell instrument except swinging bell instruments and Bravo's Tolling bells.
5 - Premium Chime.Center can be used to create unlimited additional ringing selections: Select tolling bell and number of strikes. Combine swinging bells into peals. Create new sequences for Angelus or time strike melodies. Set tempos and durations. Give your ringing functions a unique name for easy lookup from schedulers and home screen editor.

Amplifiers and speakers

Tower bell controls

All of the following bell tower automation systems also support clock movements.

  • Millennium® AX and Platinum AX systems can optionally control up to six tower bells for time strikes and other ringing.
  • Bell Control AX - Swinging, tolling, Angelus and time striking for up to six bells (no music capability)
  • Libertas AX - Rings music using real chime and carillons. Also features built-in electronic practice sounds that match the tower bells.
  • Veritas AX - Rings music using real chime and carillons. Available virtual bell instruments play inside and through tower audio systems to supplement and augment the real bells.