The SD card slot option provides additional functionality to the Millennium Carillon. The option board the slot is mounted to contains additional memory that holds pre-recorded sound files. The slot will accept SD cards formatted on a PC (FAT32 format) to which you have copied MP3 files. These files can also be played from the carillon when named as described below.

Provided files on the user card

  • 6491 Amazing Grace -
  • 6492 Amazing Grace (March off)
  • 6493 The Battle is Over
  • 6494 Goin’ Home
  • 6495 I’ll Fly Away

Add your selections to the SD card

Remove card from carillon

Removing the name plate on the lower right of the front panel provides access to this slot (if installed). If a card is already in the slot, push on it to eject and then remove it. After the steps below, reinstall the card with the contacts down.

Extract MP3 file from CD

There are many free solutions that can be downloaded from the internet. We have had success using a Windows program called CDex Version 1.79 (CD extraction). The official website is but if you have issues downloading and getting the program to run, call us for downloading instructions.

CDex settings

The CDex program will create directories in your Music folder for the extracted files. Make the following settings changes so that you can name the files as you extract them:

  • Remove the track number from filename:
    options > settings > Directoies & files
         delete %7 from Filename Format
  • Set encoding parameters (in this order, not from top to bottom of screen)
    options > settings > Encoders
         select Lame MP3 Encoder
         Quality = Very High Quality
         VBR Method = Disabled
         Bitrate Min = 128 kbps
         Mode = Mono

CDex operation

  1. Insert audio CD into the drive on your PC
  2. Edit the Titles column for each track to start with a four digit number between 6000 and 6495
  3. Select the tracks you want to encode into MP3 files (ctrl-A to select all)
  4. Press F9 to extract the files
  5. Eject the disc and repeat for additional discs

MP3 file naming requirements

Make sure each 6000 number used is unique on the card. The characters after the hyphen will be ignored by the carillon system. The 6000 number can be used for any four digit selection code in the automatic or manual modes.

Copy MP3 file to SD card

Management Suite

Add SD titles to onscreen title catalog.

Add selections to random Grp9 playlist for scheduling.