Using SD Cards

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The SD card slot option provides additional functionality to the Millennium Carillon. The option board the slot is mounted to contains additional memory that holds pre-recorded sound files. The slot will accept SD cards formatted on a PC (FAT32 format) to which you have copied MP3 files. These files can also be played from the carillon when named as described below.

Provided files on the user card

  • 6491 Amazing Grace -
  • 6492 Amazing Grace (March off)
  • 6493 The Battle is Over
  • 6494 Goin’ Home
  • 6495 I’ll Fly Away

Extract MP3 file from CD

Copy MP3 file to SD card

Rename MP3 file for compatibility

Copy files from PC to SD card

Management Suite

SD_card_titles_MS to onscreen title catalog.