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Management Suite is a Windows software application that extends the usefulness of your Chime Master ringing equipment. While it is not available on the Mac, it can be used with either Boot Camp or Parallels virtual machines with Windows.

Windows device drivers for Chime Master equipment is digitally signed for easy installation.

Manual Contents

These tables of contents are organized for each of our products. Different products have features that Management Suite will adapt to. After browsing each page of your system's documentation, click your browsers Back button to return to the table of contents.

Six-SS Carillon

Platinum and Millennium Carillons

  1. Main Menu
  2. Weekly Schedules
  3. Scheduling volume changes
  4. Scheduling Special events
  5. Manage random music with Music Librarian
  6. Concert play lists and performance
  7. Settings menu
  8. Administration menu
  9. Backup
  10. Firmware Update
  11. Library Update


Platinum Carillon

Bell Controls