Purpose of USB port

The bell system's USB port will connect to a Windows compatible PC. Management Suite software running on the PC is a collection of utilities and applications that provides additional functionality to the bell system.

Systems with USB ports

  • All solid state rack mountable carillons rear panel at left bottom corner (Six-SS, Millennium, Platinum)
  • All black wall mounted bell control panels on bottom surface (2106, 2108, 2206, 2208)

Connecting the bell system to a PC

Connect the cable between the PC and the bell system only after the driver software has been installed.

Cable type

The USB cable has a Male A connector on the PC end and a Male B connector on the bell system end. Length of the cable should be ten feet or less. A quality cable that has been tested to work on Chime Master systems is available for order.

Extending the USB port

SIIG USB 2.0 4-Port Extender

Extends USB distance up to 80 meters (260 feet) via CAT6 cable (point to point, not a network).

Networking the USB port

If the PC is a distance away from the bell system then a network connection must be used.

Chime Master systems do not have network interfaces. Customers often call asking for the MAC address, because they see the RJ-45 connector on the back and assume it is an Ethernet port. It is not and there is no MAC address. One of the following devices or, a dedicated PC running Windows, must be used to network the carillon.

The Silex SX-DS-3000WN available from PCM, Amazon and Mouser, provides a wireless connection to a bell system's USB connection without the risk of lightning damage from the tower to other network connected equipment.

Setup Silex for WiFi connection

These instructions describe setting up a Silex Network USB interface to work over the WiFi network. The requirements are a Laptop PC with a wired network interface and a crossover cable (supplied with the Silex).

  • Turn on wireless access point
  • Turn off wifi on Technician PC
  • Use crossover CAT5 cable to connect Silex to Technician PC
  • Power ON the Silex holding the reset button until the Status light comes on
  • Run Device Server Setup (DSsetup.exe) (download from Silex support website)
    • Configure using the Setup Utility:
    • Fill out top MAC info with Silex serial number
    • Select the Silex device - Next > - Next >
    • The Silex will search for the access point
    • Select the access point and enter its password - Next >
    • Click Execute and select NO for software installation (assuming setup is being done on a technician's laptop, if setup is being done on the PC at the installation then install the software) - Finish and exit
  • Cycle Power on the Silex

Installed PC setup

  • Load the Silex SX Virtual Link onto the host PC using the appropriate installer from this web page.
  • Install the latest Management Suite on customer's PC
  • Plug the carillon into the Silex - the Millennium driver should install
  • Start the Management Suite
  • Bring up the remote panel. You should see the system display working normally.

More Secure Solutions

Larger institutions with complex networks will need a better solution than the Silex. Links to these solutions:

Silex-other available from Amazon.

Digi-AnywhereUSB available from Amazon.

Consult your IT department decide which solution is best for you.