USB connections to bell systems

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Purpose of USB port

The bell system's USB port will connect to a Windows compatible PC. Management Suite software running on the PC is a collection of utilities and applications that provides additional functionality to the bell system.

Systems with USB ports

  • All solid state rack mountable carillons rear panel at left bottom corner (Six-SS, Millennium, Platinum)
  • All black wall mounted bell control panels on bottom surface (2106, 2108, 2206, 2208)

Connecting the bell system to a PC

Connect the cable between the PC and the bell system only after the Management Suite driver software has been installed.

If you wish to access this PC remotely, you can do this using a remote desktop host/client such as,

  • Windows Remote Desktop Connection (included with Windows) over the local area network or VPN (or port forwarding if you understand the risks)
  • GoToMyPC and LogMeIn are premium programs with expensive subscriptions
  • TeamViewer is free for non-commercial use

Cable type

The USB cable has a Male A connector on the PC end and a Male B connector on the bell system end. Length of the cable should be ten feet or less. A quality cable that has been tested to work on Chime Master systems is available for order.

Extending the USB port

SIIG USB 2.0 4-Port Extender

Extends USB distance up to 80 meters (260 feet) via CAT6 cable (point to point, not a network).

Networking the USB port

If the PC is a distance away from the bell system then a network connection must be used.

Chime Master systems do not have network interfaces. Customers often call asking for the MAC address, because they see the RJ-45 connector on the back (for RS485 tower control data) and assume it is an Ethernet port. It is not and there is no MAC address.

One of the following devices must be used to network the carillon. Insert one of the following devices between the USB port on the bell system and a network connection. A device driver will be installed on a computer (on the same network and sub-net) that will make the USB port of the networked device look like it is on the local PC.

Consult your IT department decide which solution is best for you.

For a wired connection with the Silex, click the link above then go to Documentation and choose Setup Guide. Refer to the Parts and Functions section. Plug in the Chime Master carillon. In the USB port of the Silex, plug in the USB cord directly from the carillon. In the network port, use a network cable to plug directly into the network. In the power connector port, plug in the AC adapter and plug it into the wall. Using the push switch, turn power on to the Silex and the single green power LED should appear solid. Again, go to the link above and hover your mouse over Support and under the Downloads column, click Device Connectivity. Find the model number of your product in the list. Click SX-Virtual Link and choose the latest version of the software application for your processing system. Please note that the Management Suite software only works on Windows-based PCs at this time. Once it is finished downloading, unzip the file and run the Cosetup Application or Autorun.exe. Then you can open the SX Virtual Link on your computer and the CMS carillon should be connected. When you open the Management Suite software, the top should display that you are (Connected).