Purpose of USB port

The bell system's USB port will connect to a Windows compatible PC. Management Suite software running on the PC is a collection of utilities and applications that provides additional functionality to the bell system.

Systems with USB ports

  • All solid state rack mountable carillons rear panel at left bottom corner (Six-SS, Millennium, Platinum)
  • All black wall mounted bell control panels on bottom surface (2106, 2108, 2206, 2208)

Connecting the bell system to a PC

Connect the cable between the PC and the bell system only after the driver software has been installed.

Cable type

The USB cable has a Male A connector on the PC end and a Male B connector on the bell system end. Length of the cable should be ten feet or less. A quality cable that has been tested to work on Chime Master systems is available for order.

Extending the USB port

SIIG USB 2.0 4-Port Extender

Extends USB distance up to 80 meters (260 feet) via CAT6 cable (point to point, not a network).

Networking the USB port

If the PC is a distance away from the bell system then a network connection must be used.

Chime Master systems do not have network interfaces. Customers often call asking for the MAC address, because they see the RJ-45 connector on the back (for RS485 tower control data) and assume it is an Ethernet port. It is not and there is no MAC address. One of the following devices or, a dedicated PC running Windows, must be used to network the carillon.

The Silex SX-DS-3000WN available from PCM, Amazon and Mouser, provides a wireless connection to a bell system's USB connection without the risk of lightning damage from the tower to other network connected equipment.

Setup Silex for WiFi connection

These instructions describe setting up a Silex Network USB interface to work over the WiFi network. The requirements are a Laptop PC with a wired network interface and a crossover cable (supplied with the Silex).

  • Turn on wireless access point
  • Turn off wifi on Technician PC
  • Use crossover CAT5 cable to connect Silex to Technician PC
  • Power ON the Silex holding the reset button until the Status light comes on
  • Run Device Server Setup (DSsetup.exe) (download from Silex support website)
    • Configure using the Setup Utility:
    • Fill out top MAC info with Silex serial number
    • Select the Silex device - Next > - Next >
    • The Silex will search for the access point
    • Select the access point and enter its password - Next >
    • Click Execute and select NO for software installation (assuming setup is being done on a technician's laptop, if setup is being done on the PC at the installation then install the software) - Finish and exit
  • Cycle Power on the Silex

Installed PC setup

  • Load the Silex SX Virtual Link onto the host PC using the appropriate installer from this web page.
  • Install the latest Management Suite on customer's PC
  • Plug the carillon into the Silex - the Millennium driver should install
  • Start the Management Suite
  • Bring up the remote panel. You should see the system display working normally.

More Secure Solutions

Larger institutions with complex networks will need a better solution than the Silex.

Consult your IT department decide which solution is best for you.