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When a selection is supposed to play, your carillon displays

Cueing Error

If enough of these errors accumulate, the system will lock up with the following notification.

Disc Drive Error
 Reset and Test


This is the Red button reset procedure to reset the disc drive error.

  1. Turn the power off and wait five seconds
  2. Turn the power back on while holding in the red CANCEL button on the front panel
  3. Continue to hold down the CANCEL button until a Configuration display appears (about fifteen seconds)
  4. Release the CANCEL button
  5. Turn the power off, wait five seconds, and turn power back on (without pressing any buttons)
  6. When the standby mode screen comes on, eject the disc magazine and reinstall it
    1. This requires that the security key switch is in the horizontal orientation
    2. Press the ENTER button for the main menu
    3. Press the cursor right button until Setup is blinking
    4. Press the ENTER button to activate the setup menu
    5. Press the cursor right button until Change Disc is blinking
    6. Press the ENTER button to eject the disc magazine
    7. Examine the disc magazine to check that all trays are easily opened, one tray at a time, by rotating them using the tabs on the side of the magazine
    8. If a tray seems to take a lot of force to open, rub some light oil on the hinge area (pinch your nose, then pinch and rub the hinge with your thumb and finger)
    9. Re-insert the disc magazine. Each disc tray should pull out from top to bottom and the display should indicate the catalog number for each disc installed
  7. After all discs have loaded, test that the system is operational by pressing button 4 to play a random hymn

If the discs do not load properly or play after resetting your system, call for help at 800-432-3977.