Opening the menu

Open the Play selections menu by pressing the front panel green Enter button so that you read Main Menu on the top line of the display. Press any gray cursor button until the flashing lower line reads Tower Performance then press the Enter button again.

Notice that the green Outside light is on, indicating that the tower speakers are on and your performance will be broadcast outside.

Something similar to the following screen will appear. Your pre-programmed function buttons 1 to 3 (or F1 to F3 on the remote control) are available for immediate performance.

Voicing Pref Split
Swng Peal Toll Voice

Navigating the menu

Press F4 on the remote or carillon to cycle through available voices on your carillon. The system will remember the last voice you selected for the keyboard.

exiting the performance

When you are finished you may end the performance by pressing the red Cancel button until you see the current date and time on the display. The system will cancel itself an hour after the last note has been played.