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This menu is found on all Chime Master bell ringing equipment with a two line display and sixteen button keypad (98% of our products to date). It is used to set a range of time over a a number of days to a style of time striking or outside audio level.

You can also do this graphically using a Windows PC with our free download Management Suite weekly scheduler.

Open the Menu

Open the Time strike/auto level setup menu by pressing the front panel green Enter button so that you read Main Menu on the top line of the display. Press any gray cursor button until the flashing lower line reads System Setup Menu then press the Enter button again.

The top line should now say System Setup Menu and you may press any gray cursor button until the lower line is blinking TimeStrike/AutoLevel. One more press of the Enter button will get us there.

When you open this menu, the display will always read:

12A to 12A  Level:6

This is because this menu is only used to change ranges of time, not review them. To review the changes you make here, refer to the View-edit schedule menu.

Set the range to change

When we open the menu the selected range is the entire week, 24-7. If you want to set the volume level the same for all times, skip to Levels, below.

Beginning and Ending Hour

Notice the little word between the hours is to. This means the modifications made to the schedule will begin at the hour on the left up to the hour on the right (not inclusive). All quarters of the hour before the ending hour will be modified.

The beginning hour will be blinking on midnight when we open the menu. To change the beginning hour, only the cursor down button will work. Press it until the hour you want to start is blinking. Always double check the A/P (morning, afternoon) indicators.

Press the cursor right button until the ending hour is blinking. Since it is set to end at midnight, only the cursor up button will work. Press cursor up until you get the hour you want the changes to end. It will only go as far as the hour after the beginning, so we can change a minimum of one hour per day in this menu.

Beginning and Ending Days

Press the cursor right button again and the beginning day will blink. Select the day you wish to begin making changes with the cursor up and down buttons.

Press the cursor right button again to select the ending day. If you select the same day as the beginning, only that day will be modified. If you select the day before the beginning day, the entire week will be modified.

Set the Level or Time Strike Style

Press the cursor right button again to the level and style selection. There are sixteen positions you can select with the cursor up and cursor down buttons.


Press the cursor up or down to change the volume level from its default of Level:6 to a louder (higher number) or softer (lower number) value. Note that no changes will take place until you select Set Prog and press the green Enter button.

Scheduled volume control changes affect all outside ringing except:

  • electro mechanical ringing of real bells
  • campus warning alerts

Time Strikes

If you continue to press the cursor up and down buttons while the level is blinking, you will eventually get past the volume control settings and into the time strike styles. Basically we are determining which quarters we ring and how (with or without the chime melody, or not at all). The selections are:

  • TS OFF this clears the time strike function from the selected range
  • Full Chm Chiming on all quarters followed by the hour stroke at the top
  • Half Chm Chiming on the hour and half-hour followed by hour stroke at the top
  • Top Chm Chime and hour stroke at the top of the hour, other quarters silent
  • Chm Stk Chime and hour stroke at the top, single strike other three quarters
  • Full Stk Hour stroke at the top, single strike on other three quarters
  • Half Stk Hour stroke at the top, single strike on the half hour
  • Top Stk Hour stroke at the top, all other quarters are silent

Set the Program

This writes the program selected in the upper right of the display into the range of active schedule time-slots shown on the left side of the display.

Use the cursor left or cursor right button to make Set Prog blink. Press the green Enter button to commit the changes to memory. Changes to the schedule are only made when the display reads Modifying program memory.

If you want to change the time strike style over the same range you have adjusted the volume level, just cursor left back to the volume level, select the time strike style, then cursor right back to Set Prog and press Enter.

You can select another range of time with a different program to make change other ranges of the weekly schedule before exiting, but remember to Set Prog for each one.

Exit the Menu

After you have finished setting time strikes and levels, press the red Cancel button. Don't forget to review your changes.