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Libertas AX Specification

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<div style="font-size:84%">'''[ Home] > [[Chime_Master_Help|Help]] > [[Automation_specifications|Automation Specifications]] > [[Libertas_master_clock_controller|Controllers]]'''
<br />also see [[Libertas_LX_Specification|'''Libertas LX<sup>™</sup>''' Basic bell ringing (up to 6 bells)]]</div><br />
[[File:MillenniumAXFile:BravoAX.png|400px|frameless|right|Libertas Advanced eXperience<sup>™</sup>]]
The Libertas AX bell control system for cast bell chimes and carillons now feature our Advanced eXperience touchscreen for local control and integrates with our [[Chime_Center|Chime.Center web remote/management portal]]. Libertas AX includes music libraries for all seasons. More than one hundred musical selections are available for eight bells, to more than 600 selections for two or more octaves of bells.

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