Libertas AX Specification

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[[File:MillenniumAX.png|400px|frameless|right|Libertas Advanced eXperience<sup>™</sup>]]
The Libertas AX bell control system for cast bell chimes and carillons now feature our Advanced eXperience touchscreen for local control and integrates with our [[Chime_Center|Chime .Center web remote/management portal]]. Libertas AX includes music libraries for all seasons. More than one hundred musical selections are available for eight bells, to more than 600 selections for two or more octaves of bells.
Interfaces are available for electromagnetic clappers and hammers as well as our [[Pneumatic_actuation|pneumatic auto player for carillon claviers]].
** Secure authentication connects you to the system anywhere you have Internet
** Local short-range remote options are also available
*Manage remotely using [[Chime .Center]]™** One year Managed Subscription to access [[Chime .Center]]™
* Enhanced SmartAlmanac™
** Follows the almanac calendar and plays music appropriate to the season automatically
** 80-year Eastern/Western Roman/Orthodox calendars with all movable feasts and seasons
** Add/remove seasons and assign appropriate music with Chime .Center
* Flexible clock ringing
** keep time with customizable hour striking
* Peals of multiple bells for festive occasions
* Angelus and prayer bells
* Premium Chime .Center support for thousands of user defined ringing patterns
=== Installable library upgrades ===
You can expand your library using a MIDI keyboard or compatible organ to add your own custom recordings. Chime .Center also supports MIDI file loading so you can make your own arrangements using notation software such as Sibelius or Finale.
The library can be expanded with Chime .Center add-on volumes:
* Inspirational Music (including copyrighted)
* Memorial Music (including US Military and other copyrighted Patriotic)