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chime dot center
Complete control and management of your [ Advanced eXperience bell ringing system] from anywhere you have a connected web browser.
* No software or app downloads needed!Type "chime(dot)center" into your browser or click this link: []
== Feature list ==
This lists includes all features which may be limited by user privilege, subscription level and system model.
== Subscriptions ==
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|+ Chime .Center Subscription Options
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=== Multiple Users ===
Chime .Center provides multiple users to each have a customized menu of functionality. The administrator can create additional user accounts for system access from the front panel, remote control and Chime .Center. Each user will see a unique screen and options. Users can have a range of permissions including the ability to edit their own home screen. Remote access by each user can be limited by day of the week and valid hours.
==== User customization ====
; Complex scheduling option
: Ninety-five percent of users will be more than satisfied with our standard scheduling features. Premium Chime .Center subscribers can have more sophisticated scheduling management menus providing seasonal schedule variations.
: Customer must request this feature as it adds complexity to the scheduling menus that most users do not need.
: Worship and Mass times can be scheduled differently during a scheduling season.
:: Normal Worship and Mass times can be inhibited during a scheduling season.
: Time strikes and Angelus styles and schedules can be modified during scheduling seasons.
: Chime .Center must be used to review and edit seasonal schedules.
: The front panel scheduling screens can only review and edit the non-seasonal schedule.
* [ Chime Master Advanced eXperience touchscreen bell ringing system].
* Both the ringing system and browser accessing Chime .Center must have internet connections.
* Up-to-date Internet browser (Chrome preferred) running on
** Desktop or laptop PC or Linux