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Schedule AX

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1.4.8 documentation. Will be improving with 1.5.0
== Scheduling screens ==
These screens do not show you what is already programmed. Review your existing schedule using the review screens in the next section.
=== One Time ===
Schedule a one time event to provide music for a unique, non repeating occurrence such as a wedding or a funeral. Because this event occurs once, you will enter the year.
Schedule an annual event. This is often used to schedule memorial music, such as, a person's favorite hymn to be played every year on their birthday.
== Review and configuration screens ==
Time strikes and Angelus prayer bell ringing schedules can be checked and modified using the following screens. Other scheduled events can be reviewed with the Schedule Review screen.
=== [[Time_Strike_AX|Time Strike]] (weekly) ===
=== Angelus ===
Schedule and configure prayer bell ringing.
=== Schedule Review ===
This screen will provide the following review capabilities.

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