Millennium carillon specification

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<br />Electronic Carillons: [[Chime_Master_LX|Chime Master LX]] < '''Millennium''' > [[Platinum_AX|Platinum AX]]
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* [ Musical samples]
[[File:Millennium-2017-optOak.png|400px|thumb|right|Millennium with optional Oak cabinet]]
'''Millennium carillon distinguishing features'''
* Four musical bell voices
* Five year [ Chime Care warranty]
* Keyboard input for live bell performances and recording
* Permanently save keyboard performances
* Made in Ohio, USA
* No Moving Parts
*Five Year [ Chime Care warranty]
*"Set it and forget it" ease of use
* Premium Management Suite software
*** Schedules
*** Recorded music library
* [ Remote app (Android and Apple)]
** Displays carillon status
** Up to eight customizable ringing presets
**MIDI Keyboard Input
**USB Computer Interface (supports [ Management Suite])
**Tower Accessory Interface
***Supports Chime Master Clock Drive