Remote AX

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Keyboard page
The keyboard page provides you with practice and performance features. The keyboard will play inside only by default, but you can switch on outside zones if desired. You can record, save and title your recordings, all within this app. This is especially helpful if your organ or keyboard is not right next to your bell system.
Keyboard control on the app is similar to the [[Keyboard_AX|keyboard page ]] on the system's touch screen. Entering Keyboard will stop anything that is currently playing and suspend the automatic schedule and disable quick functions while it is open. The status icon at the top right of the system's touch screen will show that it is in the keyboard mode.
Be sure to tap the back button to close Keyboard mode and allow the schedule to resume. Otherwise, the [[Keyboard_setup_AX|keyboard timeout]] will be in effect (one hour default after the last note played).
If you wish to change the six voices available to you on the app, you can edit them on the touch screen Keyboard menu by tapping Instruments under Settings.
=== Amplifier delay ===