Remote AX

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Describes funcitonality to be released before Thanksgiving 2019
=== Functionality ===
Your home screen will now be available on your phone or tablet to activate quick functions for music and ringing. The keyboard performance You can create and recording screen will soon be availableedit these quick functions using Settings - [[Customize_Home_AX|Customize Home menu]].
The remote screen is [[Customize_Home_AX|customizable]] per user. You will see the same quick function buttons as you do when you log in to the front screen of the carillonbell system. In addition you will have Next selection You can pre-plan and Stop all [[Customize_Home_AX|create buttonsfor specific songs]] ahead of time for use on the remote.
The Play Selection button is not available at this time, but we expect it to be released in a 2020 update.  ==== Keyboard page ====The keyboard page provides you with practice and performance features. The keyboard will play inside only by default, but you can switch on outside zones if desired. You can record, save and title your recordings, all within this app. This is especially helpful if your organ or keyboard is not right next to your bell system.  Keyboard control on the remote app is similar to conserve your data usage, as the music database keyboard page on the system's touch screen. Entering Keyboard will stop anything that is currently playing and suspend the automatic schedule and disable quick functions while it is massiveopen. You can pre-plan The status icon at the top right of the system's touch screen will show that it is in the keyboard mode. Be sure to tap the back button to close Keyboard mode and allow the schedule to resume. Otherwise, the [[Customize_Home_AXKeyboard_setup_AX|create buttons for specific songskeyboard timeout]] ahead of time for use will be in effect (one hour default after the last note played). If you wish to change the six voices available to you on the app, you can edit them on the remotetouch screen Keyboard menu by tapping Instruments under Settings.
==== Amplifier delay ====
Pressing a quick function button on Launching the remote screen may take app now immediately wakes the audio system, but it takes a few seconds if for the amplifier has gone amplifiers to sleep (power saving mode)be ready to play. If you initiate ringing before the amplifiers are ready, you will experience a delay before ringing begins.
If Closing the amplifier has not been used in the last app screen starts a five minutes it will go to sleep. Waking minute timeout after which the amplifier can take as much as 20 seconds. Tapping the Stop button on the remote will wake the amplifier return to be ready and stay ready for the next five minutes. Continuing to press the stop button every few minutes will extend the amplifier awake time. If the amplifier is already on, quick functions will play immediatelysleep mode.
== Limited connectivity modes ==