Practice keyboard bell samples

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misc sfz file editing tips
==== Create lurie.sfz sample map file ====
Open a text editor, then copy the code below and paste it into the editor. Make sure the editor preferences are set to Plain Text not Rich Text.
<region> sample=LT_10_10_59.wav key=103 hikey=127 // key G5
Save the file as ''lurie.sfz'' in the ''lurie'' folder to which the samples were unzipped. You should check to be sure the editor added .txt to the end, and delete it so it ends in .sfz.
Save the file as ''lurie.sfz'' in the ''samples'' folder ==== Load the file into sforzando Sforzando ====# Start sforzandoSforzando# At Drag the top left of lurie.sfz file onto the app, click ''INSTRUMENT'' and then ''Import'', navigate to luireSforzando window.sfz and open it
# The bells should play when you click on the keys of the on screen keyboard
# If you have connected and configured your MIDI interface, Open sforzando preferences from the menu, select your MIDI input and audio output
# In sforzandoSforzando's ''File'' menu, select save as and enter ''Practice Lurie''
=== GCNA Members Only Samples ===