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Libertas Basic Specification

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* Festive Pealing Bells
* Swinging bells
** [[Libertas_master_clock_controller#Swinging_Simulation_on_Stationary_Bells|Simulated swinging on stationary bells]]
*Prayer and [[Angelus]] Bells
**easy setup for ringing times
**choose full quarters, half or top strike only
* Selectable clock bell voice (3 choices)
* Selectable time strike melodies (for supported bell combinations)
** Westminster (5-bells)
** Parsifal
** Avondale (Ding-Dong on two bells or Dong-Dong on one bell)
** [[Nautical time strike|Nautical]] (authentic Ship's Time)
== Distinguishing features ==
* Made in Ohio, USA
* Five Year Chime Care Warranty for electronic components
* Electrical panels in tower support [[Bell_Ringing_Components|bell ringing components]] (new or many existing)
** Tolling hammers
** Stationary bell clappers
** Swinging bell motors
* ''Set it and forget it'' ease of use
* Nonvolatile memory and battery backup for clock
*** Customize remote functionality
**Annual and special event scheduling
* Standard [[Libertas_bell_control_hookup#Data_Cable|CAT5 cable ]] to tower** Optional [[optical fiber interface ]] to tower
** Optional wireless interface to tower
** USB computer interface
** Tower accessory interface with standard CAT5 cabling
*** Direct connection to Chime Master bell relay panels
*** Supports Chime Master clock movements
** Radio remote control (eight-function proprietary serial interface)

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