Keyboard Voices

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what are harp bells
**'''Long Listing''' provides all factory provided keyboard voices (four for Millennium, nine for Platinum)
*Keyb2 - Keyboard 2 - Secondary keyboard channel for dual keyboard (MIDI Organs)
**Set preferred voice from available 61-bell carillon and [[harp bell ]] voices
**This voice is always used regardless of primary voice selected
==== ''Split'' keyboard Harp Bells/Chime ====
Fifteen combinations are available with the Platinum carillon and six combinations with the Millennium carillon. Setting the voice for ''Split'' as a ''No Harp'' will cause factory hymn arrangements to be chosen that play only the melody (with no harmony) with the right hand only. With a [[Harp Bells ]] voice selected, the melody may occasionally play on the harp instrument.
*Harp Bells